Learn-to-Knit Mini Workshop 

Have you always wanted to learn how to knit and just want to dip your toe in the knitting water to see if you like it?  Did Grandma teach you when you were 10 and want a refresher?  We have the perfect option for you!  Learn-To-Knit Mini is a one-hour, one-time workshop that walks you through the knit stitch and the purl stitch, the cornerstone of all knitting.  You will receive needles and yarn and be off and stitching in no time!  Tuition:  $25.00  Please contact the shop to schedule.

First Beginner's Class - Looped Scarf

Four 90-minute classes will provide first-time knitters a set of basic knitting skills.  At the first session, student will receive a ball of yarn and needles to start right away on a simple, looped scarf.  Students will knit their scarves in sections, learning a new skill at each class.  More Info...

Class Policies:

  • Tuition payment is required at registration. 

  • Tuition cannot be refunded for missed classes unless cancelled or rescheduled by The Spin-Off Yarn Shop.  Refunds in this case will be prorated.

Specific Topics and Project Help:  Sometimes we run across a pattern that we really want to make, but it has an unfamiliar or intimidating technique in it.  We can teach you by calling to schedule a session in special topics such as piecing together, cables, color work, mosaic, lace, knitting in the round, or any other technique that you want to learn.  Minimum $10 per 20-min increment, $25 for full hour.   Contact the shop to schedule an appointment.

Children's Knitting:  Children are welcome and often pick up knitting skills quickly.  They can begin learning as early as 6 or 7, depending on their maturity and ability to focus.  Knitting is well-known for helping focus and spatial skills

About the Instructor:  Beth Phelps initially learned to knit as a young girl from her grandmother who could knit sweaters without patterns.  After college and settling down, she began knitting a little more in between careers and raising a family, and picked it up more vigorously when she began raising alpacas in 2007.  In June 2019, she completed the Webs Expert Knitting Certification Program where she has polished her skills in nearly every knitting topic.  Beth has designed and knit multiple sweaters and other garments and has recently completed her final Capstone Project which you can read about in her blog .  She hopes to pass her skills and knowledge onto budding and experienced knitters alike so they can enjoy and grow from this wonderful and timeless craft.

How to sign up:  Contact Beth at the Yarn Shop to schedule your lessons and begin or refine your knitting in no time!  

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